Tips On Buying A Used Truck

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While there are a number of advantages of buying a used truck, you need to be careful to buy the right one. There are all kinds of trucks out there from well-maintained trucks to run down trucks that are only good for hauling trash. Most people pay attention to the exterior and performance but many people neglect to ask some very important questions that affect the performance as well as the life of a used truck. Therefore, it is important that you consider the following factors before you buy that used truck. 

How to Buy a Used Truck?

One of the first things you need to do is to decide the kind of truck you want. If you are not going to tow frequently, there is no use of buying a three-quarter ton truck as various half ton models available in the market are good for family hauling. These trucks have plenty of seating options. You can inspect cabins at truck yards like at QLD Trucks ( to look in person what the cabins are like. You don’t have to purchase the truck either. 

This research process will also familiarize you with various options available in the market when it comes to used trucks. There are a number of sources where you can find the used trucks for sale in your location. You should check the classifieds as well as various dealers selling used trucks in your location. It is important to check several sources as it will give you a few options to buy the truck you want. 

Once you have found a few options, you need to give a call to the buyer and ask them about the mileage on the odometer along with make and year of the truck in case it is not listed in the description. Also, ask them whether they have a full maintenance history of the truck from the time it was new and the number of different owners the truck had so far. They should also provide you information on any major accidents, repairs as well as other such important things. 

Once you have found the truck you want, you need to take a close look underneath the truck. In case you know what to look for, take the truck to a place where it can be raised in the air for inspection. In case you do not have experience in inspecting a used truck, take along a friend who does or you may also pay a professional to do the inspection for you. Most shops will allow you to do this for a small fee. 

During an inspection, you need to look for repairs to previous damage and serious damages and leaks. Also, check the steering components, U-joint, driveshaft as well as brakes. You may find rust on the axles, springs, and frames but check the metal by poking a stick at it. If the metal is brittle and weak, you’ll be able to poke a hole through the metal which means it is structural rust and you should start looking for another truck. 

Some unscrupulous sellers may try to distract you by throwing on chrome add-ons, flashy tires, high dollar stereo but you shouldn’t let this stuff distract you. First of all, you should check underneath the trim and only then you should start looking at the other features. For instance, the new paint on the truck might look great but it may be hiding rust as well as body work. Use social media to scope out truck sellers, here’s a good twitter source for used trucks.

It is also recommended to get a CARFAX report. While a clean report doesn’t guarantee that there are no problems with the truck but the report does reveal major issues with the truck. Once you are satisfied with the truck, it’s time to negotiate for the price. One of the best ways to find a fair price is to search online and take a look at the price quoted by various used truck dealers. It will give you a general idea of the price of similar models available in the market is today. 

Overall, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind to buy a great used truck at a fair price. For more information check out buyers guides like this one Happy Shopping! 

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