Media Outreach Services

Identifying and pitching to reporters is part of the process if you want to get the attention of the media. However, not all marketers are well versed in these strategies.

Your option is to hire a PR agency that can do the work for you. If it is your first time to hire a PR agency, one of the most common questions that you need to ask is how much you have to pay for the service.

media outreach services

What is Media Outreach?

It involves reaching out to publications and pitching story ideas to land a placement. You may either write and pitch your press release distribution, or start an email campaign to many publications. Before pitching, it is crucial to build a strategy to increase the chances of landing publicity. You can check online reviews for press release company.

The outreach allows you to place your story in front of the people who have an access to a wide number of audience. It is an important part of a successful PR campaign because when done right, you can earn the trust of the media and the customers.

How much do you have to pay for media outreach services?

It varies. The program can be $1,000 or as high as $50,000 or more. When reaching out, make sure that you inform the agency how much you’re willing to spend, so they can customize the program for you. Without asking, they may give you a quotation that is way too high for what your budget allows.

PR agencies provide the following services:

It’s important that you know what you’re paying for. If you’re new, know the different services that PR services can provide. Check other source:

  • They write and distribute press releases.
  • Write pitches to relevant reporters.
  • Speech writing.
  • Held market research about the firm and its branding.
  • Create and conduct events for media relations and public outreach programs.
  • Growing business contacts through personal networking or sponsoring special events.
  • Creating crisis public relations tactics.
  • Blogging and copy writing.
  • Social media DB promotions.
  • Managing the individual or business reputation online.
  • Developing influencer relations.

Should brands hire a PR firm?

PR firms can help individuals and brands enhance, protect and build their credibility through the media. They study the brand message and transform them into positive stories. During a crisis, they help marketers manage their reputation online and lessen the negative outcome, according to Forbes.

Marketers should carefully choose the PR agency that can really assist them in reaching out to audiences. They know what’s going on in the marketplace, and are aware of what kind of topics are more likely to catch fire.

Brands should never settle for any firm, unless they have also made their own study. Marketers should find firms that offer a cultural fit. Do they know what your voice is?

Good PR firms have a well established relationships with the media in different industries. Most PR professionals worked as reporters previously, so they know how to pitch a story that gets media attention. They can provide genuine feedback and story angles to marketers that can possibly land media coverage.

What kind of relationship do marketers and PR firm have?

It’s a two-way relationship where both of them can provide feedback on what is needed for a successful campaign. Marketers can suggest to the firm the type of message they want to use and possible placements of their story. Although it is very difficult to score publicity in popular national publications, PR agency help marketers to maximize their online visibility through various social media and editorial channels.

The cost of media outreach services can differ, depending on the geographical coverage, goals and the competition. Over time, marketers can develop their own strategies of reaching out to the media.

Startups and small companies can set aside a budget allocated for the outreach. Although it may be a big investment to start with, the return-on-investment and benefits can be great.


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