Most people will admit to the fact that sometimes our wildlife animals can be pests. Animals are wonderful. I once had a friendly mole scatter through my bathroom every morning. I was offered a trap to rid the house of the little mole. This trap was made to kill any critters once they went inside and got caught. This was a dilemma because: 1. I do not like to share my bathroom space with moles.

2. I do not like to kill little critters on the spot. This article will inform you of removal without hurting.

There are humane methods to help animals find their way back into their own territory, and out of a house. The result of the friendly mole in my bathroom was that I did nothing. I ended up leaving the mole find his own way back home. I lived with the little fellow for approximately one year because I didn’t have the heart to trap him. I know have a few tips to offer on humane animal removal. It has been stated by many, that the wildlife has been finding their way into the cities. Chicago has been heard to have an increase in raccoons, squirrels and bats. These animals have adapted themselves to having the ability to find shelter in the city.

Raccoons can be very loving creatures. They do like people. They don’t mind living amongst us. The can live in a city. They enjoy being your guest in attics,and chimneys. There are ways to remove raccoons. There is even raccoon removal Chicago! Nobody has to live with raccoons! There are services offered that will remove a raccoon in a humane manner. Most cities have an animal control agency that will come to your home and safely remove the raccoon in a humane manner. It is a good idea to call a professional because some raccoons do carry rabies. A live trap will kill a raccoon, this is not considered to be a humane method of removing a raccoon. If you would like to be humane and have a raccoon removed from your home, call a pest control company and inform them that you believe in only humane removal.

It is true that a squirrel will live in the city and can find their way into your house. Is there squirrel removal Chicago? The answer is yes! There are companies that specifically remove squirrels from homes. They have humane methods to do so. Many will offer to trap the squirrel and release it for you. For more information on the Squirrel Removal services

Squirrel removal Chicago

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Bats can be problematic if in your home because they may form a colony. It is a good idea to contact a specialist to remove a bat or bats from your home. There is also specialized bat removal Chicago. There are trained individual who can remove a bat without hurting it in any way. They have special equipment that allow them to catch and remove a bat without killing it.